13 Reasons Why Netflix Adaptation Review

Its been months since I finished the series, haven’t had the time to write a review but here it is.

First is the show is so graphic and triggering, can’t finish all the episodes in one sitting. I can only watch two episodes or three a day then I need a break, it’s too heavy. So if you easily get triggered by bullying and sexual assault you should skip this one.

This show absolutely does not glamorize suicide. This show opens what life is like in reality, how everything affects everything. It shows the reality of suicide, the consequences and the collateral damage it will leave. For me, this show was raw and beautifully made. Yes, its triggering but this show tells everyone the truth on how ugly suicide is.

I also like what they did with the characters, they didn’t focus everything on Hannah’s perspective. The show gave us a glimpse of the lives of the people in the tapes, their life and how it led to that situation also how if affected their lives after they heard the tapes.

They didnt censored anything, they showed the suicide how Hanna did it, the sexual assault. That is why it is so graphic and triggering, good thing Netflix added warnings to it.

Season 2? A part of me wants to say Yes, because the show is so good and the cast are great. I want to see and watch them more but story wise I don’t know, I’m just not sure how will the story continue. The first season was so good and just to have a second season might ruin it and it will no longer be based on “13 Reasons Why” novel . I don’t know, but I’m good not having a second season.

PS. Watch the 13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons to deeply understand the show, they explained everything there especially if you have questions why Hannah acted the way she acted. It really more than a show.



People are wired differently, not all people are the same. We understand things differently, we have different opinions and beliefs. I just don’t know why people don’t understand it. Some people thinks that other people should understand it based on how they understand it. They just don’t get it, don’t they? We all have our own perspective on how we see life, on how we see the world we live in.

For you, you see life so colorful and beautiful but for others its plain black and white. Some people can’t see the colors you’re seeing now, they can’t find the beauty you can see. For some they can only see is the darkness and how cruel life is. We might have the same pair of eyes but it doesn’t mean it’s the same thing we see the world we live in.

You call it being sensitive, too shallow and yeah she/he just wants attention but have you thought maybe he/she is not just strong as you. Have you ever thought that maybe he/she is weak and vulnerable? Easily gets sad and hurts even for the simplest things. Maybe that person went through something that’s why he/she’s like that? Have you ever thought of that? or you just quickly judge and be annoyed?

Some maybe found their purpose to live this life, some are still searching for it. Searching for a meaning, searching for anything that will make them live the life. For some they just live their life just for the sole purpose of living it, nothing else.

We all have different opinions, we reflect on things differently, we understand life differently. We need is to respect what they believe how they see things and how they see life. Just respect and understand. Don’t be closed-minded like others.

Last week was a long weekend because it was a holiday so I stayed at home spent it by
reading books and binge watching TV Series. One of the series I binge watched is Riverdale, Yes! Finally had time to watch it and catch up.

Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters by Archie Comics. Riverdale is the story of a small American town rocked by the murder of a high school student. Archie Andrews is a football player-slash-aspiring musician, the heart-throb counterpart to the perfect girl-next-door Betty and the sultry new girl, Veronica. Their foil is the rich and cruel Cheryl Blossom, whose twin brother disappeared in a boat accident the previous summer. Each character seems to carry some dark secret or tragic past. It’s like a low-key How To Get Away with Murder and Pretty Little Liars I think.

After watching one episode, I got hooked and can’t stop watching it. I just love how intriguing the characters and makes you want to know more about the story. While they are figuring about the incident happend to Jason Blossom that turns out to be a murder they also shows the personal issues of every characters facing which I think also connected to the murder. Every episode my theories and suspects for the murder changes which I find thrilling ( its like Pretty Little Liars again, guessing who is A)

Lets start with the four major characters

Archie Andrews – at first I find him a bit annoying I’m not sure why. I think I know why, because he’s too good-looking plus he’s a readhead which makes him more attractive and he’s hot. Lol. Though we have the same eyebrows but sadly just the eyebrows. He’s character is intriguing too, its like there are more stories and secrets. And Yes I might agree to the theory that someone is trying to kill him but because Jason and him has a lot of physical similarities they accidentally killed Jason instead? Maybe, right?

Betty Cooper – same with Archie, I don’t like her at first too. I just like her when she’s with Veronica Lodge. But as I watched the other episodes I’m starting to like her and understand her character but there are still times that I find her annoying. And I think something is wrong with her, maybe split personality or temper issue but I think there is a story about why she’s acting weird sometimes. By the way, the scene when she was singing happy birthday to Jughead was haunting and creepy.

Veronica Lodge – Yes, my favorite character! I love her, she’s a bitch but the kind of bitch you want to be friends with. Not the mean kind of bitch. I love her character she will do what she wants to do but at the same time she will do anything for a friend. And you don’t mess with her because she know how to put up her bitch face and attitude when she needs it. Plus she’s scorching hot! I don’t ship her and Archie though.

Jughead – the narrator of the series. He’s the weird one and the “outcast” type of person. He’s a bit mysterious but at the same time I can relate to him. He’s also funny especially when he’s with Betty. I like his character more than Archie though.

This series is well casted, the cast are not that popular (except for Cole of course) when they started the series but the characters suits them which makes more the series interesting. The series is currently on its first season and it just got renewed for second season. I have a feeling that this series will lasts longer and I hope they can keep story good as the series go on.

Season 1: 8/10
A must watch and recommended for those who watch How To Get Away with Murder, Pretty
Little Liars and Teen Wolf. I’m pretty sure you’ll like this series as well.

Review – Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

According to Hannah Baker, there are thirteen sides to every story. And there are thirteen reasons why she swallowed a handful of pills, and left this world for good. When thirteen tapes show up on Clay’s doorstep just two weeks after Hannah–his classmate and crush– commits suicide, he’s intrigued. Then he presses play, and his life turns inside out. Hannah Baker is back, but only to explain why she left. But if he got the tapes, that means he is one of the thirteen reasons why. Throughout the course of one night, Clay travels through his hometown with Hannah’s voice playing through a Walkman, and nothing will look or feel the same again.

I finally had time to read this book, I was planning to read this back when I was in College but I don’t know why I never had time to read it. But I’m glad I didn’t read it because College was a roller coaster life and something in this book might trigger me I dont know, but I’m just glad I didn’t read it that time.

This book is sad, tragic, dark and heartbreaking for me. I find it hard to describe this book because this book is too painful to read, it’s just hard to read Hannah Baker’s tragic experiences and you know that these things really happens in the real world we live in.

While reading it, I feel bad for Hannah because she doesn’t deserve it no one deserves that. And you can’t really blame her for her choices, it’s just that she was surrounded by jerks and she didn’t get the help she needed. Also in this book, I never felt so much hatred for the characters, too many characters to hate! I freaking hate Bryce because he’s the one triggered Hannah to end it.

A part of me was feeling envious of Hannah Baker. Envious of one thing she did — that one thing she did cos I don’t have the guts to do it.

This book is so sad but it will make you more realize of the stuff you do to other people, even the tiniest bit has an effect on their life. We need to be careful on what we say and do to others, lets just be kind to one another because we don’t know whats really happening with their life. In short, DON’T BE A JERK! I know it doesn’t need a book for you to know and make you realize this stuff. We should know this because it’s what we need.

If you are going through something, I know its hard trust me I know. You just want everything to stop but please seek help, talk to someone cause it will make you feel a lot better. If you don’t have someone to talk, you can talk to me and I’ll try my best to answer and find time for you. There are support hotlines in this website http://13reasonswhy.info/ . There’s nothing wrong in seeking help when you need it.

“You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re not messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re messing with their entire life. Everything. . . affects everything.”

PS: If you easily get trigger of bullying and rape, it think it’s better if you skip this one.

Review: Lovely Little Lonely – The Maine

The Maine just recently released their new studio album Lovely Little Lonely, its their 6th Studio album after American Candy. I started listening to this band during the Forever Halloween era (yeah, better late than never), I started listening to their albums and fell in love with their music. I love how deep and honest their music is and the connection between me and their music is there and that’s why I love them.

American Candy was a great album, I love every song in that album and its one of my all time favorite albums ever released, So I have hopes with this new album but we all know that The Maine never disappoints. This band is so consistent when creating their music, they never created a bad one or changes their music to fit in on the mainstream music. One thing I also love about them is they make sure they give what their fans deserve which is great music.

Lovely Little Lonely expresses subtle differences from American Candy, the album outlines the highs and lows of youth and the transition into adulthood. The album makes sure to represent the feelings that we are unsure of many things in life. This album highlights both the uncertainties and the things we are sure of as we progress in life. Its Nostalgic, Sad and happy all the same time.

I love all the songs but my favorite songs so far are:

Lovely + Black Butterflies and Deja Vu
The transition from Lovely to Black Butterflies and Deja Vu was pure eargasm, I freaking love it! It’s the first song that immediately got my attention.

This song gives me the vibe of 24 Floors from American Candy, it has a nostalgic feeling that you will relate to. The song tells the story of two people contemplating life and the hardships comes with it. They find comfort in each other to keep going through the toughest of times.

The Sound of Reverie

“Don’t blink because you will
And when you open up your eyes again
You may not recognize a friend”

This line got stuck in my head after listening to it. Also this line of the song reminds us that things change in an instant, in just a blink of an eye and nothing can be taken for granted.

Lost in Nostalgia
This song is a short but sweet track featuring soft vocals of John and calming instruments. ” Don’t you get lost in nostalgia, no” Yes, Dont get lost in nostalgia while listening to the album.

There are more great songs in the album but these are my personal favorites. The album is very solid and worth listening. Once you listen to it you’ll crave more and you’ll wish they added more tracks to it, that’s how good the album is. I also love that it is still has the vibe that is easily recognizable as The Maine, Definitely going to be one of my favorite albums this year.

If you havent listen to it, you better check it now. You wont regret it I swear.

Operation: BE FIT!

This year part of my New Years resolution is to exercise and at least try to be fit. Start of February I started going out having long walks with my Dogs and few jogs. Well, baby steps right? At least now I’m going out of my room. Lol

I’m trying to be fit and gain few muscles to have shape. Actually I’m fine with my weight the problem is I have a big belly and I don’t have any shapes of muscles in my body. That is what I want to change. I want my body to be fit and be confident about it. I want to be one of the guys who can be shirtless and not be conscious about it.

On my first Pay I bought a pair of running shoes. Wow I didn’t know that running shoes are quite expensive. I don’t have any running shoes cos I dont really exercise, the last time I had exercise and used running shoes was when I was in College in my PE Class. LOL

It already been years since I had any exercise so this is going to be a struggle to me but I always keep myself motivated. First week was hard, my feet hurts and they feel so sore. I got a fractured bone in my left leg when I was a kid and I can still feel pain when I jog or run. My cousin told me to buy a support, its like a garter or latex that keeps my whole legs covered and tight (I forgot what it’s called) . It was so hard, I can feel my legs so sore but I kept pushing myself.

I don’t have weighing scale at home to really track how much I’m loosing or if I’m loosing any weight at all. But I started doing exercise with the weight of 154.32lbs. I hope I lost a weight even just few but I already felt small changes on my body, I can feel my muscles tighten and I dont easily get exhausted now unlike before. Well that’s a progress. I use Nike Run App to track how much I run everyday and they have this Plan where it will automatically schedules your run and work out depends on what you need. I’m still figuring and exploring the app on how to use it.

It’s hard for the first time especially if didn’t have any exercise for so long but you need to keep yourself motivated. Dont push yourself too much, you’re just starting and you don’t want to abuse your body. If your legs or feet hurts, take a rest and walk. Pushing your body more than it can do might lead to more serious injury. So we better take it slow but dont give up, you already started doing it why give up now.

Planning to hit the Gym soon, I’ll create a blog post about it and some updates about this Operation to be fit.

First Day New Job

It’s already been months since I started with my new job, the first weeks was a bit hard because of the adjustments not just with the environment but also with the work. It feels like First Day on your new School. But don’t worry everything will be good after few weeks.

Here are my tips on having your First Day at work:

1. Be on Time

giphy (4).gif
You don’t want to be late on your first day, You might want to impress the company that hired you by being early or on time. 5-10 minutes early will do just avoid being late. Remember first impressions lasts, so you might don’t want to give your employer a bad impression on you. “Be on time, come in early, stay a little later,” said von Staudach. Remember, you can’t be a go-getter and clock-watcher at the same time so plan to be at work a little longer than your eight-hour shift.

2. Dress Professionally

tenor.gifYou should never underestimate the importance of dressing professionally. Studies show that people make a judgment about you within seven seconds of meeting you, and the way you dress can impact this impression significantly.

3. Be Ready

It became my habit to be ready on my first day of work. I make sure that my stuff are already prepared. If they want you to submit certain requirements make sure you got them settled days before your start day so you wont rush out. I always bring Pen and Notebook with me on my first day because there are always paper to fill out on your first day and its better to take down notes than forget them the next day unless you have a photographic memory, and few of us do.

3. Relax

I know first day is scary and it will make you feel so anxious but you should relax. Ease up and make yourself comfortable. When times like this I just always think that they will not hire me if they don’t think I can do it, They hired me for a reason and they saw something in me. Just be positive and things will go well. Let your enthusiasm for being part of the team and the organization show through to everyone. Leave your personal problems at home and concentrate on radiating your excitement for this new opportunity.

4. Smile

One of the big struggles is finding friends and creating good relationship with your colleagues. This is tough if you got hired in a big company with hundred of employees. Just smile back to people who nods and smile at you, try to look friendly and approachable. You want to have friends on your work not enemies so try to be kind and approachable. If someone offers you to join them on your break, go join. They wont expect you to get along with them so fast, it will take weeks for you to get comfortable talking and sharing stories to them. Try to make friends as it will make your job less stressful and will keep you motivated to go to work.

5. Do your best

When they start giving you task, just chill, listen and understand the work. They will not expect you to get everything right on your first days of work. Read it twice, thrice or more until you fully understands it. If its unclear, just ask and clear it out. Its better to ask than commit mistakes and it might get worst. Some employers appreciates when employee ask regarding unclear instructions. It might be overwhelming now but you’ll get used to it. Just make sure you do your best. Nothing is easy at first, you need to work hard for it.

Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review

Daunted by the singular tastes and dark secrets of the handsome, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle Independent Publishing House (SIP); but desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Anastasia cannot resist. They rekindle their searing sexual affair, and Anastasia learns more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven and demanding Fifty Shades.

While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her, and make the most important decision of her life.

Last week I went out with my Friend to see Fifty Shades Darker. We were excited about it since we both watched the first movie together. I need to rush to the cinema after my shift as the movie will start at 4:20 and my shift ends at 4:00. We missed the first 10 minutes of the movie but according to my friends that already seen it there’s nothing important I missed. LOL

I rated Fifty Shades of Grey 5.5/10 (.5 is for Dakota as she did a good job playing the role and because she’s the only who bared it all (I mean frontal nudity) . But for Fifty Shades Darker I’m a bit annoyed the way she acts, it feels so unnatural unlike before. The way she speaks is too slow and modest that doesn’t feel natural. Jamie Dornan is way better in this film compared to the previous one, Feels like he’s more in to it and more connected to the character unlike before. And Yes, the facial hair worked! He looks more hotter than the clean-shaved look in the Fifty Shades of Grey. In this movie, there’s more connection between Dakota and Jamie actually they’re starting to look good together (Too bad Jamie is already married).

Comparing Fifty Shades Darker to Fifty Shades of Grey? Darker is better! But if you prefer more steamy scenes Darker might disappoint you. But my point is, in Fifty Shades Darker is more focused in the story more than the sex scenes which is good (I think). The sex scenes in Darker are not as many compared to Fifty Shades of Grey and they are shorter but it’s still smoking HOT. The scenes are steaming HOT!

They did stay true to the book though there are still few changes and scenes missing considering the second book is the most wildest with the most sex scenes compared to the first and the last installment of the series. They introduced new characters Jack Hyde, Leila and Mrs. Robinsons! Yes Mrs. Robinsons!! I’m having a feeling that they might change the story in Fifty Shades of Freed, instead of Jack and Leila getting revenge. It will be Jack and Ms. Robinsons. What do you think?

Overall the movie was good, I like how they did it and how the story flows. It’s not that bad as the critics claims and if you’ll compare it to the first film this is way better. Will I recommend it? For the fans, Yes. Also, don’t leave the cinema immediately! There’s a post credit scene, A sneak peek of the next movie Fifty Shades of Freed!

Fifty Shades Darker = 6/10
You should check the soundtrack, the soundtrack is good! I love it!
Check it here [ x ]

Hello 2017!

Yay! Another year has ended and a new year has come. So many things happened last year, not just about my life but also around the world. Well, 2016 was not that good and a lot of people would agree to me but this year were claiming it! 2017 is going to be a lot better!

I have high hopes this year, I’m hoping this year is going to be a turnaround of last year. I have a lot of New Years resolution in mind but I’ll focus on what I really need to change. First is I want to be  more positive this year, this is going to be a challenge for me because I usually get nervous and scared about everything, literally everything. Also I easily over think and worry even the simplest things, I always have these scenarios in my head like “what if its wrong” , ” what if I fucked up” like those kind of thoughts. See? I’m not really an optimistic person but I’ll try to change that , Bit by bit, step by step. Hopefully I’ll succeed.

Second is I’ll push myself to better and be more confident. I’m like a scared rat, scared to try new things, scared to take a risk. I’m that kind of person that easily get contented with what I have and I want to change that.  I want to push myself to be better, things might get hard but I should try, as what they say “There’s no harm in trying” right? At least you tried. No more feeling anxious and scared when there’s a new opportunity in front of me. I want to trust myself more, that if I work hard and set my mind to it, I’ll achieve what I want to achieve. In order to achieve this, I need to do my first resolution. I can’t be better and confident if I’m a pessimist. These first two  are my main resolutions this year, and hopefully I really hope that I can do it!

Aside from this two I also have some other resolutions.

  • SAVE MONEY!! (I suck at this) I usually spend my money on concerts, food and band merchandise and hopefully this year I’ll learn to spend my money more wisely. By the way I’m doing the 52-weeks Money Challenge. I hope I can finish it and wont open the piggy bank before the challenge ends. LOL
  • EXERCISE AND DIET! Every year this one is part of my New Years resolution but I always fail. Well, who doesn’t love food? I love eating and eating and eating but lazy to exercise and burn it. This year I’ll try to hit the gym maybe? LOL or at least Jog outside.

So far my year started well, I have a new job! Yay! I’ll start next week and hoping for the best. I hope this is the turnaround that I’m praying. Good luck to me!

Another new whole year to spend, another challenges and success that will change us for the better. Just pray and hope for the best! Remember that nothing is impossible if you work hard for it and always trust yourself.

So you, what are your New Years resolution? Share them, I’m interested and lets all do it together!

Happy New Year everyone! x





2016, What can I say? Its been a roller coaster and challenging year.

My 2016 started good,  I was excited and ready for what the year and life will offer.

The first few months was good, everything was fine and full of laughter. I met new people and it was all good. People say “Life changes in a snap” and “Life changes in a blink of an eye” and it’s actually true, everything suddenly change and you wont have a choice but to accept it and move on.

One of the challenges I faced during this year is me being questioned as person and as a friend. You know what sucks about this is I trusted this people, I valued them and treated them as a friend and sadly I think they don’t feel the same thing. I know to myself that I didn’t do anything wrong and what I did is to just keep my mouth shut even though they kept throwing insults. I guess that’s just how you handle difficult people, you just let them and eventually they’ll get tired of it.The thing is I always try to see the best in people and easily trust them and in the end I always end up disappointed.

It sucks when you’re treated like a garbage, they can easily throw you out after all the things you’ve done. I did everything and worked hard for it and still people can’t appreciate it and in just a snap they no longer want you and you know yourself you don’t deserve it. I fought for it because I know I don’t deserve to be treated that way. I decided to end it all and move on and you know you did the right choice. I can’t be with people who just can’t appreciate and value you.

Out of everything bad happened during this year, I’m still grateful because I learned a lot of lessons and use the experience as a motivation to move forward. I have new good friends that stood beside me and I know I can trust. To my best friend that keeps on motivating me even on my lowest point, I know you’re busy but still manage to reply to my text message. You don’t have idea how happy I am that I met you and you helped me a lot in ways you couldn’t imagine.  To the new people I met, I’m really grateful to know every single of you, maybe we all just met in a wrong time and wrong place? Still I hope the best for all of us and hope to see you around!

2016 is an  extreme roller coaster ride, I had my ups and downs that I thought I can’t face. This year is actually my most challenging year so far.

As what Jay Starret wrote:

” I’ve learned that there are many rough moments in life, ones that will either make or break you. Moments that will create the person you become. With every rejection or “failure” comes knowledge and wisdom. The only time the word failure comes into play is when you quit. Either you “win or learn”.

Use your bad experiences as a motivation, to keep going and be a better person. If you’ll let that experience eat your motivation you’ll always end up with just the thoughts of “What-ifs” and regrets. Sometimes its hard and it will take time but don’t be stuck. Dont stop trying and time will come you’ll reach it. Also, know your worth, don’t let anyone else decide what you deserve and not. Always remember just to be yourself, be kind and motivated.