Operation: BE FIT!

This year part of my New Years resolution is to exercise and at least try to be fit. Start of February I started going out having long walks with my Dogs and few jogs. Well, baby steps right? At least now I’m going out of my room. Lol

I’m trying to be fit and gain few muscles to have shape. Actually I’m fine with my weight the problem is I have a big belly and I don’t have any shapes of muscles in my body. That is what I want to change. I want my body to be fit and be confident about it. I want to be one of the guys who can be shirtless and not be conscious about it.

On my first Pay I bought a pair of running shoes. Wow I didn’t know that running shoes are quite expensive. I don’t have any running shoes cos I dont really exercise, the last time I had exercise and used running shoes was when I was in College in my PE Class. LOL

It already been years since I had any exercise so this is going to be a struggle to me but I always keep myself motivated. First week was hard, my feet hurts and they feel so sore. I got a fractured bone in my left leg when I was a kid and I can still feel pain when I jog or run. My cousin told me to buy a support, its like a garter or latex that keeps my whole legs covered and tight (I forgot what it’s called) . It was so hard, I can feel my legs so sore but I kept pushing myself.

I don’t have weighing scale at home to really track how much I’m loosing or if I’m loosing any weight at all. But I started doing exercise with the weight of 154.32lbs. I hope I lost a weight even just few but I already felt small changes on my body, I can feel my muscles tighten and I dont easily get exhausted now unlike before. Well that’s a progress. I use Nike Run App to track how much I run everyday and they have this Plan where it will automatically schedules your run and work out depends on what you need. I’m still figuring and exploring the app on how to use it.

It’s hard for the first time especially if didn’t have any exercise for so long but you need to keep yourself motivated. Dont push yourself too much, you’re just starting and you don’t want to abuse your body. If your legs or feet hurts, take a rest and walk. Pushing your body more than it can do might lead to more serious injury. So we better take it slow but dont give up, you already started doing it why give up now.

Planning to hit the Gym soon, I’ll create a blog post about it and some updates about this Operation to be fit.

Food Alert!

Finally, Banapple branch here in Pampanga! as they say. There’s a newly opened Banapple Branch here in Marquee Mall Pampanga, I think it’s the first branch here in the province. People are so stoked and excited about it, it’s all over my Facebook news feed so Me and my friend decided to try it out.

The branch wasnt that big, it’s a bit small like the Bonchon Branch in the mall. We have to wait for a bit to have a good seat.

MENU: Aside from Pies and Cheesecakes, they also serve Entrees, Salads and Soups, Sandwiches, Pastas and Pancakes. The price is affordable and not too expensive, and also they have Big servings for a single person to consume so the price is reasonable.

Here is the Menu for your reference if you want to try it.

I ordered one of their best sellers, Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs which only costs P220 and my friend tried Bacon Fried Chicken Steaks with Milk’shroom gravy which costs only P205.  For the drinks, we tried their Home Made Iced Tea that costs P70.  As what I said earlier. they have big servings for a single person to consume so maybe you can share especially if you’re not that hungry.

For the Pies and Cakes, we tried their best seller Banofee Pie that costs P115 per slice and we tried to order Dark Chocolate Tiramisu Cheesecake but it’s not available so we ordered Apple Crumble Caramel Pie instead that costs P120 per slice. They have big slices of cakes, you can share it with your friend. I love the Banofee Pie, it tastes so good and definitely a must try! For the Apple Crumble Pie, it was okay. I’m not a big fan of cinnamon and apples so I didn’t really appreciate it though I think if you’re into apple pies you’ll like it.

That’s all we ordered, we are so full we can’t even finish the cakes. So if you’re planning to go here make sure you’re hungry to finish it all. Haha

Banapple Rating:

Ambiance : 4/5

Service: 4/5

Food: 5/5



Last Wednesday was declared as a Non-working holiday here in Pampanga, Philippines in commemoration of the Mount Pinatubo volcanic tragedy. YAY NO WORK!! My friend and I decided to go out and watch movies. Its been months since the last time we met so that was the only day we had a free time to catch up with each other since we are both busy with our job. (Ugh, adult life). We met around 10AM so we can watch two movies, Me Before You and Now You See Me 2.

Me Before You starts at 11AM so we watched it first. We are excited to see this movie because we both read the book and also because of Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafflin, Khaleese and Finnick in one movie. Haha

The movie was 2 hours long so we came out right in time for lunch. We decided to try the newly opened stall “Banapple”. They have big servings here so we did our best to finish all the food we ordered. Hahaha. Check my blog entry about the restaurant here[x]


The next movie we will start at 3:20 so we have tons of time to kill. We spent time talking and catching up with our own lives and jobs now. Sometimes its good to have someone you can talk to and share a lot of stuff, it helps you relax and forgot the stress you have at work and at home. So after catching up and eating tons of food, we walked around the mall (window shopping taghirap walang pera saka para mapagpag ang kinain!)  while we wait for the time.

We chose Now You See Me because the first movie was so cool and it might be more awesome than the first one, Also I’m a big fan of Magic Tricks! Ill rather watch this than The Conjuring 2 Duh!

We need to go home early because we still have work tomorrow. Ugh. I had so much fun! It was a productive day , Its always great to spent some time with your close friends. And finally I can now cross these movies on my to-watch-list.