People are wired differently, not all people are the same. We understand things differently, we have different opinions and beliefs. I just don’t know why people don’t understand it. Some people thinks that other people should understand it based on how they understand it. They just don’t get it, don’t they? We all have our own perspective on how we see life, on how we see the world we live in.

For you, you see life so colorful and beautiful but for others its plain black and white. Some people can’t see the colors you’re seeing now, they can’t find the beauty you can see. For some they can only see is the darkness and how cruel life is. We might have the same pair of eyes but it doesn’t mean it’s the same thing we see the world we live in.

You call it being sensitive, too shallow and yeah she/he just wants attention but have you thought maybe he/she is not just strong as you. Have you ever thought that maybe he/she is weak and vulnerable? Easily gets sad and hurts even for the simplest things. Maybe that person went through something that’s why he/she’s like that? Have you ever thought of that? or you just quickly judge and be annoyed?

Some maybe found their purpose to live this life, some are still searching for it. Searching for a meaning, searching for anything that will make them live the life. For some they just live their life just for the sole purpose of living it, nothing else.

We all have different opinions, we reflect on things differently, we understand life differently. We need is to respect what they believe how they see things and how they see life. Just respect and understand. Don’t be closed-minded like others.