KJ Apa

Last week was a long weekend because it was a holiday so I stayed at home spent it by
reading books and binge watching TV Series. One of the series I binge watched is Riverdale, Yes! Finally had time to watch it and catch up.

Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters by Archie Comics. Riverdale is the story of a small American town rocked by the murder of a high school student. Archie Andrews is a football player-slash-aspiring musician, the heart-throb counterpart to the perfect girl-next-door Betty and the sultry new girl, Veronica. Their foil is the rich and cruel Cheryl Blossom, whose twin brother disappeared in a boat accident the previous summer. Each character seems to carry some dark secret or tragic past. It’s like a low-key How To Get Away with Murder and Pretty Little Liars I think.

After watching one episode, I got hooked and can’t stop watching it. I just love how intriguing the characters and makes you want to know more about the story. While they are figuring about the incident happend to Jason Blossom that turns out to be a murder they also shows the personal issues of every characters facing which I think also connected to the murder. Every episode my theories and suspects for the murder changes which I find thrilling ( its like Pretty Little Liars again, guessing who is A)

Lets start with the four major characters

Archie Andrews – at first I find him a bit annoying I’m not sure why. I think I know why, because he’s too good-looking plus he’s a readhead which makes him more attractive and he’s hot. Lol. Though we have the same eyebrows but sadly just the eyebrows. He’s character is intriguing too, its like there are more stories and secrets. And Yes I might agree to the theory that someone is trying to kill him but because Jason and him has a lot of physical similarities they accidentally killed Jason instead? Maybe, right?

Betty Cooper – same with Archie, I don’t like her at first too. I just like her when she’s with Veronica Lodge. But as I watched the other episodes I’m starting to like her and understand her character but there are still times that I find her annoying. And I think something is wrong with her, maybe split personality or temper issue but I think there is a story about why she’s acting weird sometimes. By the way, the scene when she was singing happy birthday to Jughead was haunting and creepy.

Veronica Lodge – Yes, my favorite character! I love her, she’s a bitch but the kind of bitch you want to be friends with. Not the mean kind of bitch. I love her character she will do what she wants to do but at the same time she will do anything for a friend. And you don’t mess with her because she know how to put up her bitch face and attitude when she needs it. Plus she’s scorching hot! I don’t ship her and Archie though.

Jughead – the narrator of the series. He’s the weird one and the “outcast” type of person. He’s a bit mysterious but at the same time I can relate to him. He’s also funny especially when he’s with Betty. I like his character more than Archie though.

This series is well casted, the cast are not that popular (except for Cole of course) when they started the series but the characters suits them which makes more the series interesting. The series is currently on its first season and it just got renewed for second season. I have a feeling that this series will lasts longer and I hope they can keep story good as the series go on.

Season 1: 8/10
A must watch and recommended for those who watch How To Get Away with Murder, Pretty
Little Liars and Teen Wolf. I’m pretty sure you’ll like this series as well.