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Review: Lovely Little Lonely – The Maine

The Maine just recently released their new studio album Lovely Little Lonely, its their 6th Studio album after American Candy. I started listening to this band during the Forever Halloween era (yeah, better late than never), I started listening to their albums and fell in love with their music. I love how deep and honest their music is and the connection between me and their music is there and that’s why I love them.

American Candy was a great album, I love every song in that album and its one of my all time favorite albums ever released, So I have hopes with this new album but we all know that The Maine never disappoints. This band is so consistent when creating their music, they never created a bad one or changes their music to fit in on the mainstream music. One thing I also love about them is they make sure they give what their fans deserve which is great music.

Lovely Little Lonely expresses subtle differences from American Candy, the album outlines the highs and lows of youth and the transition into adulthood. The album makes sure to represent the feelings that we are unsure of many things in life. This album highlights both the uncertainties and the things we are sure of as we progress in life. Its Nostalgic, Sad and happy all the same time.

I love all the songs but my favorite songs so far are:

Lovely + Black Butterflies and Deja Vu
The transition from Lovely to Black Butterflies and Deja Vu was pure eargasm, I freaking love it! It’s the first song that immediately got my attention.

This song gives me the vibe of 24 Floors from American Candy, it has a nostalgic feeling that you will relate to. The song tells the story of two people contemplating life and the hardships comes with it. They find comfort in each other to keep going through the toughest of times.

The Sound of Reverie

“Don’t blink because you will
And when you open up your eyes again
You may not recognize a friend”

This line got stuck in my head after listening to it. Also this line of the song reminds us that things change in an instant, in just a blink of an eye and nothing can be taken for granted.

Lost in Nostalgia
This song is a short but sweet track featuring soft vocals of John and calming instruments. ” Don’t you get lost in nostalgia, no” Yes, Dont get lost in nostalgia while listening to the album.

There are more great songs in the album but these are my personal favorites. The album is very solid and worth listening. Once you listen to it you’ll crave more and you’ll wish they added more tracks to it, that’s how good the album is. I also love that it is still has the vibe that is easily recognizable as The Maine, Definitely going to be one of my favorite albums this year.

If you havent listen to it, you better check it now. You wont regret it I swear.

The Maine – American Candy


American Candy is much brighter and poppier than its predecessor in Forever Halloween. In fact, this album is so sweet it’ll rot your teeth! Sorry, bad pun there, but it really is quite sweet.

Not only is the album catchier and more fun, but feels like a return to the indie pop they have done on albums like Pioneer. However, this direction does not make American Candy any less. The lyrics are just as good, but the color and excitement have been turned up. This is the kind of album that needs to be blasted on 10 because it’s just that good.

The album opener, “Miles Away”, not only sets the beat and pace for most of the album. It’s about being out in the sun and being caught up on the “summer high.” Which, being from such a sunny place as Phoenix, this band is very familiar with. It’s also subtly hints at the wanderlust that most of this generation seems to have, with lines like “will never quench your thirst for today / so what do you say we take a trip miles away?” This whole album is about summer fun, but also holds a lot of serious thoughts about our generation.

“My Hair” is another fun track that describes “driving through town without a care.” This song is for exactly what it says, driving with windows open and letting loose. The track ends with “nobody’s going to tell me how to wear my hair”, which is an interesting comment because it has sparks of lead singers arguing about how they can do whatever they want with their hair. Every piece of this song is about maintaining the youth that they all have before they lose that hair. We’re only young for so long.

The opening lines immediately get stuck in your head and as lead single “English Girls” has the hooks to make you want to scream out every word at the top of your lungs. This track, along with many others, will transition very nicely live. O’Callaghan does what he does best: tells a story that you can picture. The audience is listening and painting a picture in their heads as he describes sitting on a bar stool in London and watching a girl get picked up by a guy. It’s one of the very quotable songs on this album.

Despite all of the happy, poppy songs, “24 floors” goes back to the darker topics from The Maine. This slow, acoustic song talks about someone on the edge of a 24 floor building, looking down, ready to jump (“24 floors, up in some hotel room feeling so low”). Despite the dark topic, there is optimism towards the end as John O’Callaghan sings about “taking one more breath to clear your mind” and looking forward to the positives of tomorrow. It sounds like John and the rest of the band are truly telling you a story. This song is slightly self-deprecating, but has a touch of optimism for fans looking for help.

“Another Night On Mars” is a perfect way to end the album. It is about good times and memories you may or may not remember.  The chorus is catchy, with the beat and the relatable lyrics about finding a niche group of friends and feeling comfortable with them and “slightly less alien.” This is one of my personal favorites, because college kids really have those kind of experiences. This song is a strong expression of weird adventures, and could transition very nicely live in theaters or even clubs due to its repetition.

American Candy is a must listen, and comes out before the American Candy Tour with Real Friends, Knuckle Puck and The Technicolors. The album is now available on iTunes. Do you fancy American Candy?

Rating: 9/10

By: Meaghan D’Amico