The Fault In Our Stars


tumblr_n6qydnmrnU1r3463ko1_1280The long wait is over!! Finally one of the best selling novel of John Green hits the theaters! I think everyone is so excited to see the adaptation.

So Yesterday was the opening of the movie here in the Philippines, I’m so excited to see it and I cant wait much longer so I decided to go and watch it immediately even without a company. So yeah i watched it alone.

I had high hopes for this adaptation maybe because i love the novel too much and i don’t want the movie to ruin the story. Throughout the movie I’m having goosebumps oh lord my feels too much feels. I love how Natt (Isaac) portrayed his role and that makes me excited to see him portray the role of Quentin in Paper Towns! And then Shai (Hazel )and Ansel ( Gus), for me they did a pretty great job portraying the roles! The fact that they both played a different role in Divergent and in this movie they need to convince the audience that they are sweet teen couple, that’s a challenge! Hands down to Shailene for slaying it! I agree to John Green Shai deserves an award for that performance. Almost everyone in the cinema cried and I guess that’s a proof how good the movie and casts are!

Don`t say the book was better than the movie, Of course! For me Books are always better than the movies! And guys you don’t go watch a movie adaptation expecting it is better than the book. I don’t think that’s the right attitude.

For me the movie was good, they did stay true to the book though there are few things missing but still it was all good! As far as I know I`m satisfied with no disappointment. Two thumbs up for John Green and all the casts and crew!

And also the soundtrack! Yeah for me the best movie soundtrack of the year so far!! Man Ed Sheeran, Birdy, M83, Jake Bugg , Kodaline and many more, tell me how cant you love the soundtrack? If you want to worsen the pain after watching the movie listen to the sountrack! Okay?

Movie: 9/10

Soundtrack: 10/10

Here`s an 8tracks mix of TFIOS OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK: [ x ]

Originally posted June 6 2014 via Tumblr (X)