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After the big hit of The Fault In Our Stars comes another John Green adaptation! Yes Paper Towns is now on the big screen and we can see the story of Margo and Quentin comes to life!

Paper Towns was the second John Green book I read, its definitely one of my favorite books. Even how many times I read the book it never fails to give me a roller coaster feeling. I just love the characters and the story.

First is you don’t compare the The Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns Adaptation. They are different in many ways and you just cant. Okay?

So I watched the movie last night, I was so hyped and so freaking excited to see it!

First is some of my favorite scenes are missing or not delivered well. Some of my favorite killer lines of Ben seems like they are not delivered well and also the line when Radar was talking to Q at the party, that line is one of my favorite quotes from the book! But its all good,  they all did well to portray the characters especially Austin Abrams who played Ben ( My favorite character). He made the whole theater laughing the whole time and that was great. And also the other casts, Natt did play the awkward weird Quentin well so is Cara, oh Cara. I wouldn’t mind chasing and have long road trip to chase a girl who looks like Cara. Hahaha. I think the casts are on point and did very well.

There are tons of good and funny scenes, the black Santas, the road trip, the pee, Drunk bloody Ben with the Beer Sword, THE POKEMON SONG ( PROBABLY MY MOST FAVORITE PART) and also the unexpected cameo of Ansel! Its good to see Gus alive flirting . Haha

The Major changes of the adaptation was the ending. I love how they changed the perspective of it, they didn’t focus the story on Margo but the friendship of Q, Radar and Ben. Q isn’t stuck in the past anymore, he learned to appreciate the friends he has and not fantasize about the ones he doesn’t have. So basically the movie was not just about love or romance, its about true friendship.

Overall its another amazing adaptation, Another thumbs up for John Green and the crew for another job well done. I did enjoy watching the movie and I’m planning to watch it again.

Ill give it an 8.5 /10! A must watch!

PS: I also love the soundtrack. You guys should check it! And also come to the cinemas early because they played Me Earl and Dying Girl and The Scorch Trials Trailer

Originally posted July 25 2015 via Tumblr (X)