” I’ve learned that there are many rough moments in life, ones that will either make or break you. Moments that will create the person you become. With every rejection or “failure” comes knowledge and wisdom. The only time the word failure comes into play is when you quit. Either you “win or learn”. I will never stop trying to pursue my goals.

Along the way, there is something I never forget, to be myself. The key to life is being true to yourself and spreading love to everyone. Just like Marianna Williamson once said, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same”. 

Be Yourself, Stay Humble, & Smile “

By: Jay Starrett

Just want to share this to everyone, I read this a couple of times when I was feeling down and kinda not sure of whats happening around me. It was a terrible week and I never felt so anxious and down but reading this helped me, it gave me motivation and rethink everything. Yes they are right, it’s about perspective on how are we going to see and reflect to the bad situations we encounter. I love the message of it,  we can’t avoid failure and rejection cause it’s already part of our lives but the only thing that we will change it on how are we going to accept it. We cant let those failures and rejection to bring us down but we need those to make ourselves a better person. The guy who wrote this is so optimistic and happy, I just want to be like him. To stop worrying and just be positive about everything that is happening to me and still doesn’t  forget what goals I want to achieve in life.

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