My Favorite Movie Soundtracks

  1.  The Fault in our Stars

My all time favorite! So far this soundtrack is still on my top spot. Songs from Birdy, Jake Bugg, Charlie XCX, M83, Kodaline, Indians and a special song written by Ed Sheeran. Yes! This soundtrack couldn’t be more perfect. I love every single song on this album which also reminds me the story of Gus and Hazel.

Favorite Tracks: Everything on this soundtrack except Bomfalleralla. 

RATE: 10/10

2. If I Stay

I wasn’t expecting the soundtrack to be a good one but after I seen the movie, I immediately searched for the soundtrack and listened to it. Been listening to the songs for more than a week and I fell in love with a fictional band called “Willamette Stones” *sigh*. The moment I want them to be a real band because I love the songs they made for the movie and you want them to see play these songs live. Also I love the sound of the cello especially on the song Today, I love the cello, the guitar everything and it still gives me the If I Stay feels.

Favorite Tracks: Heart Like Yours, Today, Heal,  Promise, I Never Wanted To Go

RATE: 9.5/10

3. Me Before You

The ‘Me Before You’ soundtrack includes songs by  Max Jury, HOLYCHILD, Jesse Ware, Jack Garrat, Cloves, X Ambassadors, The 1975, Ed Sheeran, and  Imagine Dragons. The music chosen was absolutely perfect and really helped to bring out the emotions and heartbreak of the story. Listening to the soundtrack will still give you the roller coaster feeling of the story.

Favorite Tracks: Not Today, Photograph, Unsteady and Don’t Forget About Me

RATE: 9/10

4. Paper Towns

This soundtrack was good but not as good as the first two on my list. I was expecting more maybe because TFIOS was so perfect, its like a star-studded soundtrack. I still love the soundtrack though because songs from HAIM, Vampire Weekend, Vance Joy ( they didn’t include Smile on the list though) and my first time to hear a song from Nat and Alex Wolff.

Favorite Tracks: To The Top, Falling, Runaway, Great Summer and Look Outside.

RATE: 8/10


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