Love, Rosie Movie Adaptation


Love, Rosie Movie Adaptation.

After 123456789 years, Finally!! I was so excited for this movie especially when they released the first trailer and they used The 1975 song Chocolate ofcourse I freaked out! And then on the second trailer they used Kodaline High Hopes which is so perfect for this adaptation and it gave me so much feels. Too bad they didn’t show this movie here in the Philippines so I waited on kickass for a clear copy. Haha

Another thing that made me excited for this movie are the main casts. I mean Lily Collins who played Rosie Dunne and Sam Claflin who played Alex Stewart was so perfect for the roles, it suits them very well.

The adaptation was okay for me, not bad and not too good. On the book they had so much struggles and things happened to them before they realized they love each other which I understand, they cant put all those things on a 2 hour length movie. Some of the parts are there but the struggles they had felt like a little bit short and rushed. I’m so glad they didn’t miss to put the funny parts and they added more to make the story more funny and interesting. I don’t know but it feels like something is missing and I was looking for more. Maybe I was just expecting so much things. They shouldve played High Hopes – Kodaline at the end to add more feels. Am I being cliche? Sorry lol. The movie was okay and people who haven’t read the book I think will like the movie too. Ill give the movie a 7.5 / 10 .

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