People say “ What you can get on attending concerts? You’re wasting money!” , “Why not watch it on YouTube, you’ll not pay for it”, “Why go to a concert if your ticket is not VIP or if you’re not close enough to see them or not even a chance to meet them”, “You can buy a lot of stuff on those money you spent on concerts”

Honestly Yes, those stuff makes sense. I think about them all the time but I still attend concerts. But concerts are different! Concerts will make you forget about everything, for hours it will make you forget whatever life you have, the shitty life and world we live in. It will make you feel that its good to be alive for a moment, everything is different. It will transport you to place where you can just enjoy your surrounding, the live music, the lights and everything. Even after the concert, it will give a certain happiness that no one can steal from you. A memory that will make you smile everytime you remember or hear their music. Maybe for you its like wasting money but for us its not.

I might be spending so much money for these concerts but atleast it makes me happy, I enjoy every cents I spent on their music. If you enjoy listening to music, concerts are way more better! Once you attend a good concert, you wont stop attending one, I’m telling you!

Originally posted October 30 2015 via Tumblr (X)

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